Why do CPD?

If you’ve already got a post-grad MA in conference interpreting and/or accreditation to an or several international institutions and/or enough clients, you might be wondering why you would want to bother with more training (CPD – continuing professional development)?

There are several different types of training that conference interpreters might usefully take (AIIC breaks them down into 4 classes) – and probably only one of them is a repetition of what you did when you studied interpreting! So while you can already interpret, you may not know how to run, or market, a business. But you can take a course to remedy that! Accounting, computing and negotiating also fall under this heading of business skills.

Other types of training are knowledge-based courses – useful things to know, but nothing to do with interpreting per se. Do you know your chemistry? Or how national legal systems differ? How DO internal combustion engines work? Depending on the clients you have, or would like to have, there are plenty of knowledge-based courses that you can take. Interpreting is easier if you know what you are talking about!

Some interpreters will also want to add a language to their combination, or upgrade a C to a B. There will be a course for that!

But we can also take courses in the skills we have already mastered – interpreting. Why?

Your consecutive may be rusty, or you may work less from one language than others. Refresher courses will help you keep your standards up.

And there are skills related to interpreting that you might want to update or learn. Are you up to speed on how software can help you prepare? Do you know what to do with term extraction software, databases, InterpretBank, Interplex, LiquidText, Margin Note, Quizlet?

All of these things will help you maintain high standards in your work. And that means a good professional reputation, which in turn means a regular flow of work.

Training is also a great opportunity to network with colleagues. You can’t develop a professional reputation if you never get out and meet people. We know that interpreting is a world where knowing people, being known and word-of-mouth count, so get out there.

CPD training can offer personal satisfaction of learning something new or getting better at what you already do. Getting better builds confidence, which reduces stress levels. And it reassuring to share a group with colleagues who have come to learn the same things. You are not alone!

For those who are confident and have plenty of work, training can offer variety, prevent boredom and fend off complacency – interpreting is a long career!

Training can also be a lot of fun. For these reasons and more, training motivates. So go on! Take a course!