Consecutive assignment tips

Preparation for consecutive interpreting assignments

according to Taylor Bouladon (2007)

– choose where to sit or stand carefully and/or ask participants where they would like you to sit. Be sure you can hear the speaker clearly. If you are the only interpreter working for 2 speakers, sit between them. If two delegations are facing each other at a rectangular table sit at the table centre near the delegation leaders. If you’re interpreting for one person, sit just behind them. At a press conference sit next to the person giving the press conference.

– establish with the client if they want everything interpreted or only certain utterances.

– arrive before the client, remain available but discreet.

– dress so as not to be noticed. Men shouldn’t wear shorts. Wear cotton not sythetic materials if working in hotter climates.

– keep a program of the day’s event on your so you know what’s happening next.

– get hold of any written copies of speeches beforehand

– don’t drink alcohol until all the speeches are over