About Interpreter CPD Resources

This site is meant as a compilation of material and links that can be of direct practical help to practising conference interpreters.

The site comprises content written for this site by conference interpreters, extracts from CPD literature for conference interpreters,  as well as links to other websites and material there for conference interpreters.

Interpreters CPD Resources is non-profit and unsponsored.

Please note that much of the site is made up of links to other sites…..if content is not part of the InterpretersCPDresources site then a new window will open and the URL address will no longer begin https://interpreterscpd.eu.

A word about how material is chosen:

Material about interpreting skills and interpreting has been drafted by conference interpreters and/or major institutions and interpreter organisations. It should there be of a certain quality and the admin of this site is fairly comfortable about being able to tell if something is any good. However InterpretersCPDresources can’t be liable for anything that isn’t!

It’s worth mentioning that for some time now people with professional websites have been advised to regularly create relevant content (for example in the form of short blog posts) in order to increase their ranking in internet searches. There are therefore an awful lot of interpreting sites posting short, unoriginal descriptions of the job, or tips on how to do it, in order to improve their search ranking rather than to fill an information gap or for the benefit of the profession (since the same information is often available at multiple other sources). InterpretersCPDresources has tried NOT to include this material. This policy may also have led to us ignoring some good material. If so, send in a link to the good stuff!

You will also have noticed that much of the site covers skills that are not interpreting skills – marketing, negotiating, time-management etc. Advice on these skills applies to most small businesses and as such there is a wealth of materials online about them aimed at all the other businesses in the world that are not interpreting businesses. So as not to overburden this site we have only linked to material written by, and/or for, conference interpreters.

Similarly knowledge-based courses, or well-being courses, are not directed only at interpreters and therefore there are thousands of them out there. (You can take a course about how cars are manufactured or how search algorithms are built that might be useful and/or interesting to you but nothing really to do with interpreting). Again we’ve stuck with courses designed for interpreters specifically so as keep the site manageable.

What you won’t find here

Most of the skills we should have learnt when studying conference interpreting, in initial training, like public speaking, note-taking, analysis, simultaneous, sight translation… are NOT here. Similarly there not much material about language acquisition here. But never fear, you can find that on our partner website Interpreter Training Resources.


A number of published texts have been reproduced here with permission from publishers. Others without. (Permission is required for excerpts of more than 400 words). The idea is to bring some of the more useful literature on CPD in interpreting to a wider audience, namely to interpreters, who don’t always see the usefulness of reading about the profession and hopefully that will compensate for the minor copyright violations!

Of course, any author who wants their work removed from this site should also contact us and it will be removed.

Any author who would like to volunteer extracts of their work (and which is of direct practical use for student interpreters) is invited to send it to the address below.


This site is curated by a single individual. And while contributions from others appear and are very welcome the site is dominated by material in the languages of your admin’s language combination. If you know of good stuff in other languages that should be here… send it in!

Work in progress

The site is, and will remain, work in progress. As such contributions, suggestions and constructive criticism is always welcome.